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LAN Networking Services

Intelligence Dialogue offers various services in networking.

Whenever you need to install a local network or redesign existing one, implement secure networking for a remote location, or to organize virtual workstations to allow personnel to work remotely we can help you.

At any time, we provide support and network administration – contract based and on-demand. Here is overview of some services we provide but not limited to:


  • Network design, installation
  • Improving and optimizing of existing network infrastructure
  • Virtual Desktop and Servers implementation – to enable remote work functionality for company personnel and administrators.
  • Implementation of all kinds of internal network services such as file servers, web servers, mail servers, DNS and many others.

Solutions may vary from ‘in-house’ to cloud-based or combined options. What kind of implementation is optimal depends on many factors. We will offer what works better for your particular situation and requirements.


  • Network Security Measures
  • Firewalling, Virus/SPAM protection
  • Network inspection to find possible vulnerabilities in design, equipment and existing software

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