Intelligence Dialogue is a full-serve I.T. company; we offer “one-window” service. In the modern world of information systems, computer environments, networking, software, hardware, and I.T. solutions become interdependent and act as a one. In order to affect your business in a extreme positive manner, it is imperative to have a complete information system in healthy condition by having Intelligence Dialogue design it properly, by providing maintenance or tuning up, to keep all aspects of your system running in unison.

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Web Services
Web site today is a “must have” marketing tool. Years ago those who represented a business should have a business card. These days we still need a business card, but now it ought to have a web address on it. This is not a fashion; we may like it or not, but web presence now is a required business attribute. Well designed, solid web site represent a company and brings first attraction to the customers, as well as continuous company promotion, advertising, and direct source of revenue generated from on-line orders and sales. Most of potential customers prefer to check a web site first prior making a phone call and this is very important to win a customer favour from the first step, and then provide the customer with the well-designed web services / on-line tools or sales mechanism.

Web Solutions:

Web Site Design
Intelligence Dialogue provides customers with web site design, e-commerce, web application development, and related services.

A website creates online presence of your company that shows the image and identity of products or services. An effective web presence is about the look, feel and style integrated with desired functionality and marketing effect. We take care of all these elements, and recommend optimal approach from the budget and business perspectives to reach the objective.

Every web site can be done as a ‘static’ or ‘dynamic.

Business Solutions
Intelligence Dialogue can design a web site / web portal or Intranet solution for your business. In addition to the tradition web site solutions, our web application development services in the areas product catalogues, database management applications, online shopping carts and other dedicated products can be highly useful for your business.

  • Websites for Businesses
  • Online e-Commerce Stores
  • Online Catalogues
    Online catalogues with search capabilities that allow your customers easily find and review your products if you have huge list of them (part stores, galleries, etc.) and make an order using your desired method.
  • Promo-Site
    Promo-Site is an irreplaceable marketing tool, especially for promoting new products or services. Exactly by this way maximum attention can be brought to the product, providing complete information about it, its advantages, online demo. After finishing of the promo campaign of a one product, you can re-use the same site, after some redesigning, for any other promotions.  Therefore, it does not go into a trash after end of promotion as booklets do. You can re-use Promo-Site them over and over again.

For those who already have a web site we can implement additional functionality, expansions or online e-Commerce store into your existed web site.

Professional Sector

  • “Business Card” web sites for professionals
    Usually these are small budget web sites that    establish your business web presence (which extremely important nowadays), gives brief highlight of your services/products, contact information and a few related articles. If you do not use custom designed graphics or you can provide us with your own graphics, than this is an inexpensive solution for starting. What is important - time starts working for you as soon as you establish your web presence. Why it so – read here in details.
  • Web sites for real estate agents

Personal Sector

  • Designing web sites for personal portfolios, resumes
  • Family and personal web sites for customer needs

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.) / Web Advertising
Search Engine Optimization services (a.k.a. SEO Technology), along with properly executed Web Advertising Campaign bring your web site more close to potential customers. If you have not used it yet then we recommend you to consider these services, as they increase number of you customers and give a real boost to the business.

  • Search Engine Optimization services
  • Web advertising campaigns

In-House/Onsite Photography
We provide customers with the high-level quality/style photography services, refinement of existed of photo materials. You may need it for your web site, brochures, flyers, advertising materials, catalogues, galleries.

Related Services

  • Custom graphic design
  • Online multimedia solutions (attractive flash elements, animation/ animated presentations/ animated demos)
  • Domain registration, hosting



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